Monday, 16 May 2016

Our cider apple orchard - five years old

It's been three years now since we planted the cider apple orchard at Tree Farm - a traditional standard standard orchard of 120 trees over about four acres on our land at home - and high time for an update.

There have been a few casualties along the way, but on the whole the trees are thriving, and last year we even had a handful of fruit. But maybe only enough for a couple of bottles of cider...

It takes time. In fact it was two years before the orchard was planted that Mike ordered the trees and their life began in the nursery - so they're five years old now.

And here they are - growing well (along with the grass and weeds around them, but ignore that!) - and with lots of blossom it's possible there we will be enough fruit to harvest this autumn...

I'll try and take some more photos through the season - and capture some of the wildlife living in the orchard, as that was one of the main factors behind the decision to go for a traditional standard orchard over a more intensive commercial orchard. In the meantime, you can read all about the orchard and it's design and planting here.

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  1. It's looking lovely. You can't beat apple blossom can you, in fact I saw such a lovely little tree in the local nursery yesterday that I almost bought .... it even though we have three huge old apple trees at home.

    I might still go back and see if I can get it into my Fiat 500 ;-)