Saturday, 19 January 2013

Introducing: Henney's Exhibition Cider

Inspired by the traditional cider making competitions that take place in Herefordshire every year, Mike has created a new addition to the Henney's range of ciders: Exhibition.


Exhibition is a dry cider of the highest "exhibition" standard, and at 7.2% vol it is a strong and characterful addition to the Henney's cider family. 

Late in the spring, when cider from the previous autumn has matured, cider makers exhibit their cider for judging in friendly competitions, and the new Exhibition cider represents Mike's entry into the coveted 'dry cider' class.

It is, in short, his selection of the best cider from the season.

Entries at our local Big Apple cider competition

As with all the Henney's ciders, Exhibition is made only from the juice of Herefordshire grown cider apples, and it's rich complex aroma and taste is typical of traditional ciders from the region.

Just launched, Exhibition is not yet widely available, but for anyone who simply can't wait, it is already available through our wonderful local wine shop, The Hop Pocket Wine Company. They sell all the Henney's range for £1.99 a bottle, 3 for £5 or packs of 8 for £12. Call them on 01531 640592 to order - they send anywhere in UK for a delivery charge of £7.99.

We would love to know what you think.... Cheers!


Update - now also available through a handful of Tesco branches. Please leave a comment or email us if you'd like to find out which one is closest to you.


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