Thursday, 26 September 2013

A busman's holiday (a cider maker's holiday)

A week away in Brittany last month was something of a bus man's holiday for Mike - not that he was complaining. It is an area of France famous for its cider making tradition, and obviously there was much sampling to be done.

It is typically served as a wine alternative, in classic 750ml bottles to share out around the table. And whilst we didn't actually see anyone using them, the gift shops were full of little crockery cider mugs - a traditional, rustic alternative to a glass.

It was great to so much cider around - and so much of it of excellent quality, locally produced by small scale cider makers. There was always a fine selection of ciders in the restaurant wine menus, and, perhaps most heartening of all, even the big supermarket we visited had a cider fixture to rival the beer selection.

Á votre santé!

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