Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Antique cider making equipment

A couple of times this summer we have visited a local agricultural auction / sale arranged by Pugh's in Ledbury - it's a a great place to pick up bargains, and just interesting to wander around and see the amazing array of 'stuff' on sale. It changes every time obviously, but we've spotted everything from olive trees to office equipment, hosepipes to beer barrels, tractors to vintage caravans.

And last time we went we came across some old cider making equipment - a trough, millstone and an old screw press.

We didn't catch the auction for the press, but watched with interest when stone came up. The bidding went up to £1800 - but failed to meet its reserve (which must have been a blow for the seller, faced with getting it home again!)

The kit used these days isn't quite so pretty but still fascinating stuff, and now the cider pressing season is underway I will get some photos very soon (even if I have to trail the ever-reticent Mike with a hidden camera!)

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