Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Harvest and pressing - part 1, apples & orchards

Cider making season is now well underway. Mike donned his overalls in early October, headed off to the farm up the road where his cider is pressed and stored, and I haven't seen much of him since...

Occasionally he comes home for a bacon sandwich, does a bit of admin and picks up messages from local apple growers ("Do you want 30 tonnes of fruit this afternoon?") but really it's all about the practical stuff at this time of year.
He frowned when  I suggested I trail around after him with a camera (can't imagine why?) but he did agree to take some photos himself, and here are the first few - starting where the process begins, with the apples. These are taken in the orchards next to the farm, and show apples which will be made into this season's Henney's cider.

Dabinett apples

Dabinett apple trees

Michelin apples

Michelin apples - the tractor 'blows' the fruit clear of trees, ready for collection

These photographs were taken last week, when the sun was shining. It's been raining here for about 48 hours which makes harvesting apples tricky - so fruit deliveries have temporarily slowed up and there is a bit of a lull in pressing... time for an extra bacon sandwich!

Next post - apples arriving at the farm and being sorted and washed ready for pressing.

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