Thursday, 24 October 2013

Harvesting and pressing - part 2, apples delivered, sorted and rinsed

I promised a 'stage 2' in the harvesting and pressing series, and here it is - a set of photos capturing the fruit arriving at the farm, then being rinsed and sorted ready for pressing.

Apples from local growers are delivered into the pit

Apples transferred from the pit onto the hopper...

...then they travel up the hopper into the mill

Sticks and leaves are filtered out

Hand-sorted to remove any stones or rotten fruit

..and a good rinse before heading in to the press.

And in the next post I'll share some photos of the actual pressing.... the press is quite a piece of kit!

Also, good news that we have some blue skies and dry weather today. Much easier for harvesting fruit so should ensure there's plenty to press over the weekend.

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